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Frequently asked questions & common concerns


The most commonly asked questions and concerns when using and other questions asked about non-fungible tokens.

Network and Payment Questions

Is there a test net?

Switch to Ropsten to Test

(You need test ETH) ←Ropsten Faucet

How much does it cost?

Rarible requires you to send on-chain transactions and these require GAS. Minus the platform service fee, this is the only fee that you pay. It’s also mandatory.

All transactions on the Ethereum chain require gas. It’s a way to incentivize miners to confirm the transactions and keep the blocks propagating on time and with efficiency. Until Ethereum switches to Proof of Stake, this will be the case.

Use this tool to get an idea of the cost

Use this website and the gas LIMIT calculation from the tool page above. This way, you can simulate transaction values with– the transaction (tx) calculator.

First Mint: Approval of wallet = 10$, Minting = 60$ (estimation)

Every Mint afterwards: No approval cost, Minting = 60$ (estimation)

Singles and Multiples are separate things and both require one-time approval

Does it cost money to accept a bid?

Yes. It’s a contract interaction and the transaction must go on chain.

Accepting a bid (gas fee involved)

Common Errors

My wallet is producing an error that says ‘transaction cannot be delivered’

If using Fortmatic, export your wallet file and import it to Metamask.

If you do not have metamask go here

Other wallets like coinbase are also good. But it’s advised to not use Fortmatic as it has known issues and is not currently compatible with the Rarible app.

My wallet says that I have to pay a lot of money for gas fees– is this normal? Or another connection issue with my wallet and

If it is much larger than the cost calculator above, then no. If you are using Metamask it is likely it has failed to estimate the gas cost-effectively and you are given a wicked value in its place.

Fund your wallet with more ETH to pay gas fees. Or disconnect and reconnect your wallet.

If these things do not work then try switching between ‘networks’ in Metamask. This is at the top of the wallet when it drops down. Where it says ‘Mainnet’ switch to any of the test nets and see if that fixes the issue. If the issues persist, clear your browser cache.

Make sure you have enabled third-party cookies, disabled adblockers, and allowed any advanced features your browser disallows by default.

Push notifications should always reach your Metamask and they will be blue.

I minted a new collection ERC-1155 on Rarible. It shows up on Opensea with all NFTs. But if I mint a new NFT to that collection on Opensea (zero gas), I don’t see it on Rarible?


I used the gasless collection on OpenSea/other and I don’t see it on my Rarible account?

When minting via OpenSea it’s free because your token is not on chain (yet). When someone buys it, it’s minted. Once minted, all other services can see it because only then it exists on the Ethereum blockchain and can be queried.

I don’t see my NFT anywhere or the Card on Rarible is not lit up and is flashing pending?

It’s possible you have a queue of transactions. There are two.

  1. Set approval all → Allows Rarible to use the ETH from your wallet to mint non-fungible tokens.
  2. Upload & Mint → Your file is uploaded to IPFS where it is pinned and the contract is called to mint your token.

Check your activity on Metmask and see if there is a queue.

A Contract Interaction is happening multiple times and Set approval all has been attempted again

Other Common Questions

How do I get verified?

You must complete a verification type form found on the Rarible site.

Make sure you fill out all the relevant data and nothing is missing from your profile. This makes it harder for us to verify your profile. (Including cover photos, social media links etc.)



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